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Why Lake Tahoe Homeowners Love Honeycomb Shades

Living in Lake Tahoe is a dream come true for many—the mountains, the peacefulness of nature, and the beautiful lake at its center all draw people from near and far. And now that you are officially a homeowner on this picturesque property, it’s time to start considering decor options for your windows! 

Honeycomb shades offer several advantages that make them great additions to any home, especially those perched along the rolling mountain ridges or overlooking breathtaking views of scenic Lake Tahoe. Keep reading to learn why honeycomb shades are such an attractive choice for homeowners in this region (and beyond ).

Energy Efficiency

Lake Tahoe homeowners love honeycomb shades for a number of reasons. First, they provide excellent energy efficiency. The shades are designed in such a way that the cells trap air and create an insulating barrier between the window and interior of the home. This traps heat in the home during winter months, keeping it more comfortable and reducing heating costs. During summer months, it also helps keep the home cooler by blocking out heat from the sun. This helps keep the home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, meaning you don’t have to rely as heavily on your HVAC system.

Privacy and Light Control 

Honeycomb shades also provide great privacy and light control. The cellular design helps diffuse incoming light, so you can easily adjust to just the right level of brightness for any time of day. The variations in opacity help you customize your light control to provide just the right amount of privacy. From sheer to blackout shades, you can choose your desired level of privacy and still let in plenty of natural light.

Get The Perfect Mountain Home Aesthetic

The honeycomb shades are a great choice for Lake Tahoe homes because they offer a modern and classic look that pairs well with any interior style. Whether you prefer natural fibers, printed materials, or solid colors, you can find a honeycomb shade that fits your style. Honeycomb shades come in a variety of colors, textures, and styles so you can find one to match perfectly with your Lake Tahoe home’s decor.  Additionally, the shades can be lowered all the way to the window ledge so you don’t have to worry about passersby seeing into your home.

Durable & Low Maintenance

Finally, honeycomb shades are incredibly durable and easy to care for. They’re made from high-quality materials that won’t warp or fade with time, so homeowners can be sure they’ll look great for years to come. They’re also easy to clean and maintain, so you can easily keep the shades looking like new with just a quick dusting or vacuuming. The fabric is resistant to dust and dirt, making it simple to keep them clean.

The Best Part – Get A $1,200 Federal Tax Credit for Duette® Honeycomb Shades!

Effective Jan. 1, 2023, select Duette Honeycomb Shades qualify for a U.S. Federal Tax Credit. As a result, customers may be eligible for a federal tax credit of 30% of the purchase value (up to $1,200) on select purchases of Duette.

These features make honeycomb shades the perfect choice for Lake Tahoe homeowners who want to enjoy energy efficiency, convenience, and style all in one package. With their excellent benefits and long-lasting durability, it’s no surprise that they’re such a popular choice.  Honeycomb shades are the perfect way to give your Lake Tahoe home a modern and stylish look, while providing you with all the benefits of energy efficiency and convenience. So don’t wait, call (530) 435-7788 or visit the Tahoe Specialty Flooring & Window Design showrooms in Incline Village or Tahoe City.